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Softness Defined - The CozyFeel™ Score is here!

Jiffy Hacks Aug 14, 2023

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new online shopping innovation from JiffyShirts – "CozyFeel™.” In the world of online shopping, we know how challenging it can be to determine what a piece of apparel might actually feel like; CozyFeel™ is here to close that gap.

The CozyFeel™ score, ranging from 1.0 to 5.0, provides crafters with an accurate representation of the apparel's comfort on the skin, giving you an idea of the true texture, softness, and coziness of the material. Comfort is an important factor when deciding which products to purchase, and by providing a better understanding with CozyFeel™, JiffyShirts will help both you and your customers understand the trade-offs between less and more expensive items.

The CozyFeel™ score is available on over 1,600 products, with more on the way.

Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Shopping

CozyFeel™ is not necessarily tied to the overall quality of the apparel; rather, it focuses on the sensory experience of the fabric against your skin. The score is computed using a variety of factors and inputs, such as customer reviews, user testing, and manufacturer information, to name a few. While the specifics of this algorithm are our secret sauce, we assure you that it's designed to provide the most accurate, reliable, and practical information for your shopping experience.

The score of 1.0 represents apparel that may not be the most comfortable, cozy, or soft. As the score increases, so does the comfort and softness of the apparel, with 5.0 representing the epitome of comfort – apparel so cozy and soft that it feels like a dream.  You won’t want to take it off!

And here's the exciting part! As we continue to gather more data and feedback, these scores will only get better over time. We take our customers' feedback very seriously, and it plays a crucial role in refining and improving our CozyFeel™ indicator.

Exclusive Access to CozyFeel™

For now, the CozyFeel™ score is available only to users who are logged in with their account. This is to ensure that our dedicated community gets the first access to this unique, industry-first feature.

Empowering Crafters and Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

The CozyFeel™ indicator is not just about improving the online shopping experience; it's also a tool that empowers our crafters. With CozyFeel™, you can make more informed decisions about the materials you choose, leading to products that your customers will love even more. It will help you build a stronger reputation for quality and comfort with your customers, contributing to the success of your business. For your customers, the CozyFeel™ score offers a more transparent and confident shopping experience. You'll know exactly what to expect when your order arrives, driving a potential increase in satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Where Can You Find CozyFeel™?

You can interact with the CozyFeel™ score in various sections of our website: product listings, product pages, filters, matching items, item comparisons and many more. Simply look for the CozyFeel™ score next to the product details, and use it as a guide to select the most comfortable apparel for your needs. If you don’t see CozyFeel™ on some products, don’t worry, they should be available shortly! The CozyFeel™ score will be launched on t-shirts and sweatshirts first, and will expand to more categories over time!