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Spring Summer 2023 Color Trends

Trends Jun 12, 2023

Whether you're making custom designed apparel for your customers or creating DIY outfits for a concert or other event, one of the first tasks you take on is picking colors. It's a simple yet crucial part of the process, as it influences the rest of your design and determines whether your final products fit into the existing fashion scene.

Instead of spinning a color wheel or picking swatches out of a hat, why not consult the experts? Pantone releases colors that are trendy for each season, and spring/summer 2023 is no different. Read on to discover the best hues for this upcoming season and stock up on the right products from JiffyShirts.

Why Stay Ahead of the Spring/Summer 2023 Color Trends

Pantone's announcement of the spring/summer 2023 color trends makes your job easy. By knowing what hues are in, you don't have to worry about choosing ones that are out of season. The colors you pick are sure to fall into the current fashion industry so that your designs can do the actual talking.

In addition to giving you plenty of time to think about new patterns, researching relevant color trends allows you to stock up. These colors are going to be hot commodities if they're not already, so you'll want to buy them before they become scarce. Be sure to beat your competition to the punch to avoid scrambling in the middle of the season for a particular shade.

Why Pantone Knows Best

Everyone has their opinions on the best colors for each season. While there are lots of sources you could consult, we think Pantone knows best. The Pantone Color Institute has been issuing its Color of the Year since 2000 and is a reputable source in the fashion industry. You'll appreciate that Pantone announces a wide range of colors, meaning you don't have to compromise your personal style for what's trending.

Pantone's 10 Standout Colors for Spring/Summer 2023

The Pantone color palette for spring/summer 2023 makes it clear that the season is all about experimentation and individualistic expression. You don't have to be afraid to try something new thanks to these bold and exciting shades. Here's a closer look at each hue with product recommendations from JiffyShirts:

Fiery Red

Nothing quite captures the action, confidence, and courage that Fiery Red does. Ready to embrace the passion that is Fiery Red? Check out this Unisex 7.8 oz. Ecosmart 50/50 Pullover Hoodie in Deep Red.

Beetroot Purple

Reminiscent of the fruits of nature, Beetroot Purple is an emboldened fuchsia shade. Eager to embrace your roots? Get the look with the Adult Unisex Softstyle 4.5 oz. T-Shirt in Antique Heliconia.


Like the tart and tangy fruit from which it gets its name, Tangelo is a bright and bold color that's perfectly in season. Bite into Tangelo with the help of this Tennessee Orange Adult Unisex 5 oz. HD Cotton T-Shirt.

Peach Pink

It's no surprise that another Pantone spring/summer 2023 shade gets its name from a fruit, as Peach Pink perfectly embodies the warm and welcoming season. Welcome Peach Pink into your designs with the help of this Sunset Unisex Jersey T-Shirt.

Empire Yellow

You can't help but feel joy when you look at the radiating Empire Yellow. Keep the sun close this season with the Adult Unisex Ultra Cotton 6 oz. T-Shirt in Gold.

Crystal Rose

Crystal Rose is anything but prickly, as the clear pink hue conveys the sense of modern romance we all desire. Better than buying yourself flowers is getting the Adult Heavyweight RS T-Shirt in the color Blossom for the upcoming season.

Classic Green

Who doesnt love a refreshing Classic Green, it symbolizes the season's opportunity for rebirth and health. Get the Classic Green look with the Adult Unisex 5.5 oz., 50/50 T-Shirt in Electric Green.

Love Bird

In keeping with the green theme Love Bird is an exotic green hue that turns any outfit into a statement. The early bird gets the worm, so be sure to get your hands on a color like Love Bird by buying this Unisex Jersey T-Shirt in Lime.

Blue Perennial

Blue Perennial bottles up the wildflowers you find blooming throughout the season to create a standout hue. Build your spring/summer bouquet by getting the look with the Adult Unisex Heavyweight RS Pocket T-Shirt in Denim.

Summer Song

The clean blue tone that is Summer Song is perfect for creating a peaceful and tranquil vibe. Sit back, relax, and order our version of Summer Song, the Unisex Cotton T-Shirt in Stonewash Denim.

Pantone's 5 Classic Colors for Spring/Summer 2023

The 10 colors above are perfect for more playful designers, but some people might look to tone it down a little. If you want to keep things low-key, consider these five classic Pantone colors for spring/summer 2023:


When you use Skylight, you get a pure, flowing aqua hue. Cleanse your apparel with the help of our Men's Cool & Dry Sport Performance Interlock T-Shirt in the color Sea Frost.

Vanilla Cream

As soft and delicious as a summer ice cream cone, Vanilla Cream is sure to be a hit hue this season. Get back to the basics by ordering the Ladies' Flowy Side Slit Tank in the color Peach.

Gray Lilac

Though some might call Gray Lilac dreary, the enlightened will see it for the dreamy and ethereal shade that it is. Heighten your spring/summer style designs with the help of our Graphite Unisex 5.2 oz. Essential-T Short Sleeve Tee.

Leek Green

Leek Green is a down-to-earth shade thanks to its muted plant tones. Embrace subtleness by ordering our the Men's CVC Crew in Military Green to achieve the look.


True to its name, Macchiato is a delicious brown with a light layer of foam. Raise your cup and order this Chestnut Unisex Jersey Long-Sleeve T-Shirt that mimics the Macchiato vibe.

As this guide has demonstrated, you don't have to guess when it comes to picking colors for your spring/summer 2023 projects. Pantone has declared that hues ranging from Fiery Red and Crystal Rose to Macchiato are "in," allowing you to find the shades that help you conform in some ways and stand out in others. Be sure to stock up sooner rather than later with the help of JiffyShirts.