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Providing Your Canvas for Expression

Our mission

Combining Great customer service with the fastest delivery in the blank apparel industry

Jiffy.com launched over a decade ago with a clear mission: Use technology to combine an unparalleled level of customer service with the fastest delivery the blank apparel industry has ever seen.

We are continuing to work towards this mission every day.

Today, our team helps millions of creators, makers, and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life with quality products and the materials to express their craft and grow their own businesses.

Our focus on providing superior value and customer service remains as strong as ever. We’re delighted and inspired by the continued success of our customers.

Our Values

Good People

Our team recognizes that our customers are kind, hardworking people and treat them accordingly. When we are fair with customers, they are fair with us.


Honest, straightforward, open communication and feedback moves us all forward. We’re direct, but with heart, to help us all learn and grow.


Having an entrepreneurial spirit is key. We take the initiative to identify problems, discover solutions, advocate for new ideas, and empower others to do the same.

Always Evolving

We get better as a company and individuals with day-by-day improvements. If we're not making mistakes, we're not innovating. We let results do the talking.


When it comes to service, innovation, and a flawless experience; we are completely, totally relentless. If a customer is dissatisfied, we feel it acutely and act swiftly to remove the root cause.

How we Work


We are a meritocracy where data is king, KPIs are clear, and hard work is generously rewarded. We use numbers to guide our finely honed instincts.

Make Base Hits

In the spirit of Kaizen, we believe excellence comes from raising the bar a little higher every day, rather than hoping for a grand slam.

Custodians of Capital

When customers shop with us they not only purchase a product, they also provide capital for us to continually improve their next customer experience. We believe in spending that money wisely.

Our Customers know

What Our customers Say

Website is easy to maneuver, good sales, good over all prices for quality that is just as good. Fast shipping and good updates from them consistently.

Jason A. Google Customer Reviews

Jiffy is the best home made shirt company! I will never place an order anywhere else. Their customer service is impecable! Thank you Jiffy for making my life so much easier and helping my small business to run smoothly.

Taeah W. Facebook Customer Reviews

I have been buying from Jiffy for over ten years. Every time I've shopped them they have always had a superior selection, great prices, and FAST shipping.

Ken D. Google Customer Reviews

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