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Orders Made Easy: Launches Saved Carts!

Jiffy Hacks Aug 16, 2022

Check out our saved carts feature, discover how it makes ordering from even easier, and explore some quick steps for giving your cart a great name.

Creators, our new saved carts option is here to save the day! Have you ever started shopping for a project and added a bunch of stuff to your cart only to realize you're not quite ready to order? What about those times you want to reorder for a project but finding it in your order history is a task in and of itself? Enter our newest feature.

Trust us — we know how frustrating it is when you're just trying to fill an order for your customer, but submitting your blank apparel order for the project is less than convenient. That's why we're excited to introduce the option to name your Jiffy shopping cart! Return to an existing order or find, track, or reorder a past project in a few seconds flat. Let's check out how this feature can help you save time ordering so you can spend it unleashing your creativity.

What's a Saved Cart, Anyway?

We're glad you asked. A saved cart is a shopping cart with a unique name you create yourself. Sure, we could have made naming automatic, but what good would it do you to see an order named "50 Gildan G500 Black Adult Heavy Cotton T-Shirt" if you don't remember what the specifics of the project were? With this new feature, you can avoid the hassle of searching for an active cart or a past order by giving each one a distinct name.

Don't worry: No one can see the names of your carts except us and you. We take your privacy seriously, and we'd never share your cart names or notes with anyone. Rest assured, your cart names are simply for your convenience. Speaking of, let's talk a little more about convenience.

4 Ways Naming Your Carts Can Make Your Life Easier

Naming your cart might just be a simple step in the ordering process, but it saves you so much time later. When you're working on a project, we know every minute goes a long way. It's the little things, right? Here are some ways naming your saved cart can help you save sweet time.

Organize Your Orders

When you have a lot of upcoming projects, it can be a pain to keep your orders organized. It's easy to forget who wanted what and how many, and you probably don't have all day to find answers. Thanks to the saved cart naming feature, you can head over to your account and search for orders by name or details. That means less time sorting orders and paperwork and more time spent doing what you love.

Browse Now, Buy Later

Maybe you want to start shopping for a project, but you're not yet sure how many items the customer will need or the specific product they'll want. We've got you. Look around, add ideas to your cart, and give it a name for when you come back. In the meantime, you can suggest products to help your customer nail down the perfect plan and work on other projects so you don't feel rushed to finish them later.

Reorder All Your Faves

When repeat customers come back to you for more, reordering past orders can make the process so much easier than having to pick through and find exactly what they want all over again. Maybe they need more company shirts just like the ones you created last time, or they really like that specific color and brand and want to stick with it. Find their last order in a snap by looking for the name of the company or project in your account, and reorder in just a few clicks.

Keep an Eye on Orders

Speaking of orders, when is the one you placed Monday arriving? What about the return you sent back because you needed different sizes? When you name a cart, we'll include it on all confirmation and tracking emails related to that order. Don't feel like shuffling through your inbox? Head back to your handy dandy Jiffy account and click the Orders navigation to list them by name. Having a list of your scheduled deliveries a click away can help you plan your time so you can devote more to the creative process and less to the tedious business stuff.

Your Go-To Guide for Naming Your Cart

You've got your order set to go, and it's time to name it. Simply go to your cart and look for the "Name This Cart" field at the top of the page. Add the order name and a few details, and voilá. All set!

Drawing a blank? Here are a few quick steps to make sure you include all the important info.

  • Call out the customer. Add the customer name when you're naming your cart to make searching a breeze.
  • Pinpoint the project. Include the name of the project so you don't have to sift through others if you want to return to it.
  • Drum up some details. Use the notes section for little reminders about the project's details.

For example, say you're ordering 35 ladies' pink tanks for a fundraiser for your customer Sparkly Stuff Inc. We suggest naming your cart "Sparkly Stuff Inc. — Fundraiser" and adding "35 ladies' pink tanks" in the notes. Then when they want more shirts later for another event, you can repeat the process and add details about the new project. Speaking of ladies' pink tees, check out these Mauve Marble beauties.

At, quick is literally in our name. We know how important it is to order what you need fast so you can create the perfect projects your customers know and love, and our named cart feature is here to help you do just that. Need some help? Drop us a line! We'll get back to you in a Jiffy.