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Exploring Your Account on

JiffyHub Jan 27, 2023

Exploring your account on is easy. Think of your JiffyShirts account as the hub for your small business. You can use it to keep track of your favorite products, prepare individual customer orders, and even keep track of your order history for when tax season rolls around. Signing up for a free JiffyShirts account allows you to manage the following tasks.

Review All Your Past Orders

Easily view all of your purchases in the order tab of your account. If you have an old account with us and you want to consolidate your accounts you can link past orders to your current account, too!

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Manage Your Return Requests

The JiffyShirts returns tab allows you to track your return requests and status. JiffyShirts understands the importance of controlling costs as a small business owner or home crafter. That's why we make it so easy to return items you no longer need. JiffyShirts accepts returns for 100 days as long as the items are unused and unwashed and have not been decorated yet.

Name and Organize All Your Carts

Not yet ready to check out? We get it! Creating fun, crafty products takes planning, and you just have to be in the mood. That's where your named cart comes in handy. This function allows you to separate your items into different carts. It includes the item's availability, the earliest shipping date, whether you've locked in a price, and the total price.

We recommend using the named carts feature to organize your supplies for different projects or events. Use the notes category to keep track of each cart's projects and when you need them. You can even use saved carts to track different customer orders. Input notes, including what colors or sizes they want, and you'll always deliver and exceed their expectations!

Keep Track of All Your Favorite Items

Did you find a bold color that speaks to you when exploring on JiffyShirts, but you're not yet sure what you want to do with it? Simply click the heart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the image, and it'll automatically add it to your favorites. Adding items to your favorite list lets you know when that item is low inventory. It also alerts you to price changes and restocks.

Make Changes to Your Account Info

The account information tab allows you to manage your name, email, and phone number. This is also where you'll change your password. Just make sure you click "Save Changes" before exiting!

Make Changes to Your Addresses

Add as many shipping addresses as you want using the address tab. This is a great feature if you craft while on the go. You can also easily delete any addresses you're no longer using.

Add or Delete Payment Options

The payment options tab keeps track of your payments for a convenient, fast checkout process. You can add as many payment methods as you want and then simply click the one you want to use when checking out. JiffyShirts accepts a wide range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Pay Later, Venmo, Klarna, and Apple Pay.

Keep Track of Your Store Credits

If you have JiffyShirts store credits, this is where they'll be. Use this tab to track your store credit status. This part of your account will also show you how much store credit you've used.

Submit Your State Tax Exemptions

Some states are tax-exempt, meaning you don't have to pay taxes on orders. Even within states that charge taxes, your business or organization might be tax-exempt. The tax-exemption tab within your JiffyShirts account allows you to manage your tax exemptions. Simply input your name, registered business or organization name, and business address. Use this tab to add your shipping information and exemption reason. You'll also use this section to upload a tax exemption form.

Download Your Full Order History

JiffyShirts makes calculating your revenue and tax liabilities a breeze with the "Download Order History" tab within your account. Clicking this tab automatically downloads a copy of your order history to your computer or tablet. You can then save this to your computer for easy accounting.

Link Your Past Orders

Life gets busy, we get it. You can easily link past orders in your account if you accidentally used a different account to order. This allows you to keep all your orders, store credits, tax exemptions, and payment information in one account.

You can link past orders using one of two methods. The first is to have us send you an email to link your accounts automatically. You can also input any email addresses you used to receive an email with a link.

Let Us Know More About Your Crafting Preferences

The more JiffyShirts knows about your business or DIY preferences, the better recommendations we can make! In the "Decorations Details" tab, let us know a little more about you, including your type of business, whom you primarily craft for, and your favorite crafting methods.

We also have a special section that allows you to make recommendations on other products you'd like JiffyShirts to carry. We're always looking for ways to help our customers expand their businesses with new products and DIY techniques. You can even drop us a link to your personal shops so we can follow your creative journey!

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Why Exploring Your Account on JiffyShirts Helps Your Business

Exploring your account on JiffyShirts allows you to manage more than your past orders and payment options. Many of our customers also use their online accounts to help them manage their small businesses and keep track of design inspiration and items they love.

By exploring your account on JiffyShirts, you can have more control over your business. We have designed the customer portal to be as customer-friendly and convenient as possible, but we're always open to feedback on how we can make it even better for you!