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Why we love LAT!

Why We Love Jun 13, 2023

At JiffyShirts, we're committed to providing you with the best blank T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items to inspire your creativity and give your designs the quality canvas they deserve. One blank apparel company we can't get enough of is LAT. Read on to find out why we love LAT and why you'll also love this brand.

Why We Love LAT: Items for Everyone

LAT Apparel offers quality blank products for everyone, even furry friends. Here are some of our favorite LAT collections that are fun for the whole family.


LAT is Live and Tell Apparel's flagship collection, featuring elevated basics for adults and teens. The line offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, and more focusing on superior fit and exceptional printability. LAT T-shirts and sweatshirts showcasing your designs are sure to become staple items in your customers' wardrobes.

Rabbit Skins

Rabbit Skins is LAT's line of apparel for infants and toddlers. The Rabbit Skins brand also features pants, hats, and bibs. Every item in the Rabbit Skins line is comfy, so kids will love wearing them. Parents will appreciate Rabbit Skins products' durability and ability to withstand rough and tumble play and multiple washes. All items in the Rabbit Skins line are 100% compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and feature a CPSIA tracking label, giving your customers peace of mind that they're buying safe apparel for their little ones.

Code Five

Code Five is an LAT collection that puts a fashionable twist on classic camouflage patterns, providing a unique backdrop for your designs. The collection features more colors than any other camouflage collection in the industry, so you're sure to find a shade that complements your creations perfectly. No matter what color you choose, your designs will pop when you print them on a Code Five T-shirt or long-sleeve top.


If you enjoy sublimation projects, we recommend LAT Apparel's SubliVie collection. SubliVie is the industry's first T-shirt made specifically for sublimation. Every item in the SubliVie collection lays flat to give you the best seam-to-seam print surface without sacrificing fit while producing a vibrant substrate for your artwork.

Doggie Skins

As its name suggests, the Doggie Skins line is a collection for canines. It features hoodies, tank tops, and bandanas. Doggie Skins apparel is easy to clean and durable, so your customers' canine companions can wear them on walks, to the dog park, and everywhere else. With sizes ranging from XS to 3X, dogs of all sizes can show off their fashion sense.

Exceptional Employment Practices

Stylish, high-quality products from the LAT brands like Rabbit Skins aren't the only reason why we love LAT Apparel. We also appreciate the company's exceptional employment practices and global business standards. LAT Apparel is committed to treating employees with fairness, dignity, and respect, and it holds all its suppliers to the same standards. For example, LAT Apparel expects its suppliers to comply with local and national regulations and international treaties. Suppliers can't engage in discrimination, child labor, or forced labor and must actively commit to eliminating these practices.

LAT Apparel expects its suppliers to maintain safe and healthy work environments and provide fair compensation and reasonable working hours to their employees. Suppliers must respect their employees' right to associate freely and engage in collective bargaining if they choose to do so.

Philanthropic Commitments

LAT Apparel believes in giving back to the communities where the company's employees work and live. That's why LAT Apparel is a proud supporter of Fisher House and the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. Since 2007, LAT Apparel has donated 2% of all Code Five sales to these organizations, resulting in one million dollars donated to date.

Fisher House donates "comfort homes" to families of service members who are hospitalized in military and VA facilities. These homes are set up on the medical center grounds so families don't have to travel far to support their loved ones who are receiving care for illness or injury. The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund provides college grants and financial assistance to surviving children and spouses of service members who lost their lives in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. LAT Apparel is grateful for all service members and their families and for the opportunity to support these organizations.

Sustainability Commitments

LAT Apparel's sustainability commitments are another way the company supports people and the planet. Using motion-sensor-automated lighting in its warehouses and offices helps the company reduce electricity usage and minimize its carbon footprint by up to 25%. At the same time, a paperless pick/pack system prevents paper waste from ending up in the landfill. LAT Apparel also recycles cardboard and office supplies.

LAT Apparel's largest sewing factory in India has a brand-new electric grid that operates on 100% wind power. LAT Apparel diverts excess electricity to the community, ensuring sustainability throughout the area. Employees at LAT Apparel's sewing facility in Mexico recycle cardboard, plastic, metal, and other materials, diverting more than 5,400 tons of waste from local landfills. This facility also monitors energy usage with the goal of reducing its kilowatt hours by up to 20%.

At the LAT Apparel dye house in Guatemala, employees are using new equipment that reduces chemical usage by at least 40%. These equipment upgrades also reduce water usage by 50% and save up to 35 kWh of electricity per dye lot. While these sustainability commitments are impressive, LAT Apparel isn't resting on its laurels. As technologies continue to develop, LAT Apparel will innovate its efforts to reduce water usage, energy usage, and waste production.

From its stylish, high-quality products to its planet-conscious practices, it's easy to see why we love LAT Apparel. If you're searching for premium T-shirts, sweatshirts, or hoodies for your next project, we hope you check out our selection of LAT products. Our customer service experts are happy to help if you're having trouble deciding which LAT product is the right canvas for your creation, and they can answer any questions you might have.