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Buy Carts Together - New Site Feature

JiffyHub Dec 8, 2022

Growing your T-shirt business and seeing it succeed is super exciting. However, it can be challenging to keep track of multiple projects. For example, one client might need a set of custom shirts for her bridal party, while another wants to buy shirts for their bowling team. For the bride-to-be's order, you want to use blank tank tops, while the bowling team will get raglan shirts. With JiffyShirts' Buy Carts Together process, you can manage these projects in separate carts while still taking advantage of shipping savings and bulk discounts. Here's how it works.

Buy Carts Together: The Best of Both Worlds

We like to say the Buy Carts Together process gives you the best of both worlds. That's because you can build a cart for each project and add names and notes to help you keep track of the details. When you're ready to make a purchase, you can buy all your carts simultaneously to take advantage of bulk discounts and save on shipping.

Say you want to create a shopping cart for your bridal party project. You can put the tank tops you want to use in your JiffyShirts shopping cart, then save the cart under the name "Bonnie's Bridal Party." You can select the raglan shirts you want to use for your bowling team project and put them in a cart labeled "Bobby's Bowling Team."

Then you get an email from Bonnie. She wants a set of custom tote bags to go with the tank tops. You can log into your account, select the bags you want to use, and add them to the "Bonnie's Bridal Party" cart. Because you have a separate cart for this project, it's easier to ensure you have enough blank tank tops and tote bags for Bonnie's order and keep track of project expenditures.

When you're ready to purchase your items, log into your account and go to the "Saved Carts" page. Select the carts you want to purchase, and then you can buy them together just as you would a single cart.

Buy Carts Together Benefits

When you buy two or more carts together, you can take advantage of discounts and other benefits. These include:

Bulk Discounts

Orders totaling more than $80 automatically qualify for a bulk discount. So let's say your "Bonnie's Bridal Party" cart has $40 worth of items, and your "Bobby's Bowling Team" cart has $40 worth of items. If you buy the two carts together, your order qualifies for the bulk discount. The more your carts total, the bigger the discount you get — no coupons necessary!

Free Shipping

JiffyShirts offers free shipping for orders of $59 or more. You can reach that amount easier when you buy your carts together.

Price Locks

If you're browsing the JiffyShirts website, and you come across an item that would be perfect for a future project, you can create a cart for that project and add the item even if you're not ready to make a purchase. Saving an item in your cart locks in the price for five days, and you can create separate carts to lock in prices for different projects.  Buy Carts Together allows you to quickly place a single order for multiple carts to ensure your price locks don’t expire!

Reorder From Past Orders

Creating and naming separate carts for each project makes it easier to reorder blank T-shirts and other items you want to use again. While the JiffyShirts site lets you create a favorites list, you might forget to add an item to it. Going back to your order history is an easy way to find products that aren't on your favorites list.  From your order history, you can add items you or your customers loved from an old project into a cart for a current or future project.

Naming Your Carts

Maybe you're eager to create carts for your different projects, but you're not sure how to name them. We suggest you keep it simple by sticking to the facts of each project, including:

  • Customer names
  • Name of the item
  • Name and date of the event the item is for

For example, if Bonnie orders five tank tops for a bridal shower, you can name your project cart "Bonnie's Bridal Shower Tank Tops." Simply add the name to the shopping cart field labeled "Name This Cart." You can add more details in the notes section.

Before You Buy Carts Together

  1. Inside JiffyHub, Saved Carts displays your created carts and all added notes for your projects.  Select multiple carts using the checkboxes, or “Select All Carts” at the top of the page.

2. As you select carts to purchase together, you’ll see updated shipping and bulk discounts.

3. Click the Buy Carts Together button when you’re ready to checkout, and you’ll be taken to the Cart page with all of your selected carts ready to be purchased

4. Checkout like you normally would, and enjoy your additional savings and improved organization!  

After You Buy Carts Together

All your Saved Cart and project information is displayed in your order history after the order is processed.  You can also see which items from each project will be arriving in each shipment, along with the final delivery date for the items in each project.  Knowing when your items are arriving and when each project will be fully delivered makes it easier to allot time to work on specific projects.

Need to complete a return? No problem! No matter how many carts you combine in an order, you can submit a return for any or all items.

With Saved Carts, we made it easier to organize your orders into different projects.  Now with Buy Carts Together, we’re making it easier to save money by ordering the items for all your different projects at the same time.

Buy Carts Together is available now inside your JiffyHub!

For more information, you can contact our customer service experts. And if you're ready to build some shopping carts for your projects, browse our incredible selection of blank T-shirts or sweatshirts!


How does Buy Carts Together affect delivery dates?

Delivery times are assigned like any other JiffyShirts order! We ship your order from our closest locations with available stock. We will also try to minimize your number of packages.  You will see your shipping options and delivery times before checkout.

Can I add items to my order once I’ve selected Buy Carts Together carts?

Leaving your cart page after selecting Saved Carts will cancel the Buy Carts Together process. You can certainly continue to add items to your Saved Carts, but you’ll need to go through “Buy Carts Together” from your JiffyHub to combine them again. You can also access your Saved Carts from the “View Cart” dropdown menu.

Can I use coupon codes on Buy Carts Together orders?

Yes! Buy Carts Together orders are eligible for bulk discounts, coupon codes, and store credits. All regular coupon and credit policies apply.

What if I’m purchasing “Ships From” items?

“Ships From” brands will always ship separately from JiffyShirts items, even in a Buy Carts Together order. You’ll still be able to see which Saved Cart the item belongs to and your project notes.