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UV DTF Stickers by Size

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Why Jiffy Transfers UV DTF?

  • Achieve vibrant, ultra-fine details on your favorite hard goods: drinkware, phone cases, power banks, and so much more!
  • Adheres to hard and smooth surfaces, like wood, metal, plastic, and glass
  • Incredible durability - resistant to fading, scratching, and wear
  • Professional, glossy finish once applied
  • Create long-lasting retail quality products at home
  • Note: this product is not for clothing or textiles! For apparel, please use Jiffy Transfers (DTF)
  • Learn more about Jiffy Transfers here

Additional Benefits

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  • Combine bulk discount with blanks purchases at $49
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  • The latest professional-grade printers


  • Only pay for what you print
  • We charge down to the sub 1-inch area
  • No fee for unused area on the gang sheet
  • No fee for the padding area for easy cutting

Easy Application

  • Clean the product you are applying the transfer to thoroughly.
  • Use a squeegee or plastic card to firmly press the stickers from the back. This will ensure it is firmly adhered to the carrier sheet
  • Peel the transfer off of the backing, ensuring all pieces lift off evenly
  • Position the transfer and stick it onto the product.
  • Once the transfer is applied, remove bubbles or wrinkles with firm pressure using a squeegee or plastic card.
  • After you smoothed the transfer out, apply pressure using your fingers to adhere evenly.
  • Finally, peel off the clear layer on the front of your design diagonally.
  • Note: If the transfer pulls up with the clear layer, push it back down and firmly press it back into place before trying to remove the clear layer.
  • For more detailed instructions, click HERE

100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We’ll reprint your DTF transfers for free if there’s a defect with your order that includes the following:
    • Image quality issues when using a 300 DPI image
    • Adherence issues
    • Damage caused by shipping

Image Guidelines

  • Click HERE to view important image guidelines and frequently asked questions about Jiffy Transfers.

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Final Pressed Quality
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Primary Usage
  • 56% Personal use
  • 11% Events
  • 6% Team
  • 5% School
  • 21% Other
Press Equipment
  • 100% Heat Press
Pressing Ease
Better than expected As expected Less than expected
Product Durability
Excellent As expected Poor
Value for Money
Great Fine Poor

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