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Die-Cut Vinyl Stickers

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Why Jiffy Stickers?

  • Get your design, logo, or label as a premium die-cut sticker
  • Die-cut stickers are individually cut out to the precise shape of your design, making them pop even before you apply them
  • Perfect for personal use, decorating products, handing out at events, branding your packaging, or adding to orders as freebies
  • Print any design in crisp, vibrant quality
  • Premium look, feel, and durability at an affordable price
  • Note: You should not use entirely white designs. Since your image is printed on white vinyl, white designs will not be visible.

Additional Benefits

  • Same-day shipping - instant proof review and approval before you pay
  • Delivered as soon as tomorrow, including Saturdays
  • Jiffy Stickers orders ship separately from blanks. Under $29 ships for $9.95. FREE Shipping at $29 (combined with Jiffy Transfers)
  • Combine bulk discount with blanks and Jiffy Transfers purchases at $49
  • Backed by Jiffy’s award winning support

Not Your Average Sticker

  • Printed on thick, premium white vinyl
  • Wear, scratch, and water resistant
  • Free padding added for easy peeling
  • Only the best printers and inks

100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

  • We'll reprint your Jiffy Stickers for free if there's a defect with your order that includes the following:
    • Image quality issues when using a 300 DPI image
    • Application issues
    • Damage caused by shipping


  • Only pay for what you print
  • We charge down to the sub 1-inch area
  • Minimum quantity of 10 per unique design

Review Summary

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars
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Transfer Image Quality
Better than expected As expected Less than expected
Final Pressed Quality
Better than expected As expected Less than expected
Primary Usage
  • 38% Personal use
  • 19% Events
  • 5% Team
  • 5% School
  • 33% Other
Pressing Ease
Better than expected As expected Less than expected
Product Durability
Excellent As expected Poor
Value for Money
Great Fine Poor

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