Our Values

Good People
Our customers are partners in our journey. There is no us or them, just good people working collaboratively to find solutions, create exceptional products, and build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Bias For Action
Be decisive, take action, and make effective decisions quickly to move the business forward.

Own It
Professional accountability is fundamental. Regardless of titles, no task is out of scope to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

Lead With Data
We leverage data as our guiding North Star, collecting a constellation of insights to illuminate our path and take swift action toward measurable results.

Make Base Hits
In the spirit of Kaizen, we believe excellence comes from raising the bar a little higher every day, rather than hoping for a grand slam.

Be Curious & Learn
We foster a culture of perpetual curiosity, encouraging exploration and growth. We challenge the status quo and empower ourselves to evolve, adapt, and innovate.

Dive Deep
We delve beyond the surface and investigate for a comprehensive understanding. By immersing ourselves in the details, we are equipped to make insightful decisions and drive meaningful value for our customers.

Bootstrap Ethos
We are relentless, resourceful, and motivated by being a catalyst for our customers’ success. As responsible custodians of capital, we continually reinvest and minimize costs to enhance our customers' experience.

Supersize It
We think bigger, act bolder, and achieve greatness in everything we do.

Hire & Develop Winners
Our team is fueled by passion for our mission and taking ownership to deliver a positive impact. We continually raise the bar on excellence and build careers with every hire and promotion. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Disagree & Commit
The best solutions arise from constructive debate of informed opinions. We exchange perspectives, seek domain knowledge, then align and commit fully to the final decision.

Eliminate Friction
We proactively identify obstacles and streamline operations, creating a frictionless experience for our customers, partners, and team. By asking “5 Whys'' we get to the root cause and resolve issues at their source.