Jiffy Transfers FAQs

Image Guidelines

  • Original image must be minimum 300 dpi and in PNG, SVG or JPEG format. Only PNG is accepted for gang sheet orders.
  • Note: enlarging a 300dpi image (i.e. from 3" to 9") and exporting it may cause pixelation and quality issues.
  • Color shifts can occur when converting to CMYK for DTF printing.
  • Do not mirror your image, and please use transparent or removed backgrounds (unless you want the background printed).
  • We recommend a minimum of 7.5px/0.25" for small fonts or thin lines to ensure the ink and powder is applied properly.
  • Avoid neon glow, gradients, and soft edges. DTF printers can have issues printing these designs accurately.
  • We print what we receive. Spelling, placement, sizing, and image quality will not be fixed by our team.

What is DTF printing, and why should I choose it for my projects?

DTF, or Direct-to-Film, is an innovative printing technique that transfers vibrant designs onto a specialized film. This film is then heat-pressed onto various materials, allowing for seamless reproduction of vibrant colors and intricate details.

Unlike HTV, DTF prints don't require time-consuming weeding. Applying DTF prints to apparel takes just seconds, significantly speeding up production times and boosting business growth.

DTF prints work well with a wide range of materials, including cotton, polyester, and blends. By adopting DTF printing, businesses gain the ability to create retail-quality products at premium price points and in high production volumes. This opens up new levels of growth and profitability for your business.

How does the DTF printing process work and how can I use the transfers?

Once uploaded, your design will be printed onto a specialized film and shipped directly to you. Once you receive your prints, simply place the transfer film onto the material, apply the heat press for the recommended time and temperature, and your design will be permanently applied onto the material.

Can I request custom sizes for my DTF transfers at Jiffy Transfers?

Yes, you can specify custom sizes for your DTF transfer images when you upload your image.

How do I ensure optimal quality for my designs when uploading them?

To achieve the highest quality printing results, your design files are required to have a minimum of 300dpi. We accommodate various file types, including PNG and SVG (vector). Please ensure your design is clear and of high resolution to achieve the best results.

What is a gang sheet?

A gang sheet refers to printing material that contains multiple images or designs arranged closely together. This method is used to optimize the use of space and materials during the printing process.

How can I achieve 300 DPI?

Achieving 300 DPI (dots per inch) ensures high-quality prints. To achieve 300 DPI with your image you need to multiply the print size (width and height in inches) by 300 to find the right pixel dimensions.

What design techniques should I avoid in my DTF prints to maximize quality?

We recommend ensuring your design is at the desired size, not mirrored, and without background parts. Additionally, avoid using grayscale gradients, transparency effects, neon effects, and glow effects for optimal results.

How does Glitter DTF differ from regular DTF?

Glitter DTF uses a speciality film that adds glitter on top of the printed image. The colors of your design will still show through, but will have glitter layered onto the ink, adding an amazing sparkle to any design.

Application instructions are very similar to regular DTF, making this a hassle-free way to add a premium, eye-catching element to your designs.

Since the glitter is on the film and not in the ink itself, it will be added to the entire design.

Gold Foil Transfers

Gold Foil turns any single-color design into a gold transfer. While you can use a multi-color design, please note that the colors will not show on this type of transfer, as everything will be printed in gold foil.

Application instructions are very similar to regular DTF, so this is an easy way to incorporate shimmering gold elements alongside a full-color design, or print a single-color design in eye-catching gold. Take your logo to the next level, or add a touch of regality or bling to your designs - the possibilities are endless.

Glow in the Dark Transfers

Glow in the Dark transfers apply a transparent layer of glow in the dark coating to your entire image. Your colors will show through, although they may be slightly duller due to the glow coating. Lighter colors will glow more than dark colors, with white glowing the brightest and black not glowing at all.

Application instructions are very similar to regular DTF, so this is an easy way to create premium, glow in the dark designs without changing your artwork or heat press set-up. Great for concerts, nighttime events, costumes, and so much more.

Reflective Transfers

Reflective transfers apply a semi-transparent reflective layer to your entire design. Your colors will show through but will be less vibrant due to the nature of this film. Like the strips you’d see on running attire or safety-wear, this film has strong reflective properties, allowing you to add a unique and well-recognized safety feature in an unlimited number of creative ways.

While you can use this on an entire design, it’s also great for accents or for adding small reflective strips to designed apparel or uniforms.

Application instructions are very similar to regular DTF, so adding reflective properties to your designs or to parts of your custom apparel has never been easier!

Iridescent Transfers

Iridescent transfers apply a dynamic, color-shift coating to your entire design.  At certain angles, your design will appear normal, but when the perspective changes you will see the luminous colors come to life.   This type of transfer is perfect for adding a dynamic element to your design, or adding highlights on top of a regular DTF transfer.

Application instructions are the same as regular DTF, so adding this interactive and visually stunning element to your designs can be easily incorporated into your existing workflow.

Thermochromic Transfers

Thermochromic transfers apply an opaque layer to your designs.  The colors of your design will be dulled with a gray coating, but will come to life when they interact with temperature changes.  This could be going outside on a hot day, jumping into a pool, or by simply interacting with your body heat while being worn.

These are great for vacation wear, apparel that will be worn in water, or simply adding an interactive and fun element to your designs.

Pearl Transfers

Pearl transfers are similar to Iridescent transfers. The effect is more noticeable with Pearl transfers, however the trade-off is that there are less colors in the effect. This is more of a blue green sheen that sits on top of your design and shifts as your viewing angle changes. Like Iridescent transfers, this type of transfer is perfect for adding a dynamic element to your design, or adding highlights on top of a regular DTF transfer. The effect is very similar to holographic playing cards.

Application instructions are the same as regular DTF, so adding this interactive, dazzling feature to your designs can be accomplished fuss-free!

How does the pricing for DTF printing on Jiffy Transfers work? How is it calculated?

Our DTF pricing is calculated based on a per square inch rate. As soon as you upload your design and select the size, the system calculates the total square inches and number of images to create a custom price for your order.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Absolutely! Just like our shirts, our tiered pricing ensures that the more transfers you order, the more you save, all while ensuring top-notch quality.

Can I order both DTF transfers and blank shirts together?

Yes. Jiffy Transfers facilitates a seamless shopping experience for crafters. You can either order the DTF transfers separately or add them to your blank shirt order at checkout. Blanks and transfers will be processed and shipped separately, though we strive to align delivery times of blanks and DTF transfers whenever possible.

What’s the turnaround time for my DTF print orders?

Speed is one of our strengths. Typically, DTF orders are produced and shipped within a business day and similar to blanks, we utilize the fastest ground shipping methods available.

How are the shipping procedures, and are there promotional offers?

DTF orders that exceed $29 will enjoy free shipping.

In case of questions or concerns, how can I get assistance?

Our Customer Support Team is here to help. Whether you have questions, seek guidance, or encounter challenges, we're here to help with the same support JiffyShirts’ customers have come to expect.

What's Jiffy Transfers's stance on trademarked designs?

Jiffy Transfers does not print trademarked designs without rights holder permission. Customers must ensure their designs don't infringe on copyrights or trademarks. Unauthorized submissions can result in order cancellations.

Why opt for Jiffy Transfers over competitors for DTF needs?

We have designed our service to provide customers with an industry-first, nationwide network of high quality DTF printers to fully unlock DTF as a reliable, accessible and cost competitive imprinting method for our customers.

Do I need to cut the prints myself OR do they come pre-cut?

Currently, our DTF transfers arrive as intact sheets, requiring manual cutting.

How should I apply the DTF transfers I get from Jiffy Transfers?

Recommended Equipment:

For the best results, we strongly recommend using a commercial heat press for DTF transfers.

Pre-Press Steps:

  • Pre-press your garment for 5-10s to eliminate moisture and wrinkles.
  • If aligning your design with a fold, do this prior to pre-pressing.

DTF Transfer Application Guide:

Steps Material
Cotton or Blends 100% Polyester
Temperature Setting 300°F - 320°F 260°F - 270°F
Press Time 12-15s 10-12s
Cooldown Allow to cool completely before peeling*
Re-Press Material Parchment/Teflon**
Re-Press Time 5-10s

*Please note: If the image does not transfer completely when peeling, repress with the image in place for 5-10 seconds, let it cool again, and re-peel the film.

**Using parchment for post-press will produce a more matte design. Using teflon for post-press will produce a glossier design.

Care Instructions: Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash cold. No bleach. No softener. Tumble dry low. Do not dry clean or iron.

What is Jiffy Transfers's cancellation and refund policy?

Due to each DTF print being a custom image, Jiffy Transfers does not allow for cancellations or refunds. If you receive a transfer that is damaged or encounter any issues with your order, please reach out to our support team.

As long as instructions are followed and the artwork you use is print-ready, we will always make sure you're happy with your transfers!

100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:

We’ll reprint for free if there’s a defect with your order that includes the following:

  • Image quality issues when using a 300 DPI image
  • Adherence issues
  • Damage caused by shipping